Yumi's Menu of Appetizers, Entrees, Platters and Side Dishes


  • Agedashi Tofu -
    Deep fried tofu in a light sake soy sauce w/ scallions
  • New Zealand Green Mussels -
    Broiled in House sweet masago based sauce
  • Soft Shell Crab -
    Deep fried in tempura butter and served with ponzu dressing
  • Chicken Kushiyaki -
    Skewers grilled to perfection dipped in teriyaki sauce
  • Gyoza -
    Deep fried Japanese pork dumpling with dipping sauce, seven piece
  • Tempura -
    Three piece shrimp or chicken served a’la tempura w/ kaki age and parsley
  • Shrimp Shumai -
    four piece fried dumplings, sweet asian glaze sauce
  • Haru Maki Egg Roll -
    three piece egg rolls, pork, vegetables
  • Asian Wings -
    six piece flash fried wings, asian glaze sauce
  • Calamari -
    fresh tempura squid, homemade special sauce


  • Kobe Style Beef Seven ounces of thin sliced ribeye beef broiled to perfection, then tossed with julienne vegetables and seasame soy dressing, served with rice
  • Chicken Teriyaki Eight ounces of sliced boneless chicken breast broiled with very own house teriyaki sauce, served with a bowl of rice
  • Beef Teriyaki Seven ounce New York strip loin broiled to your specs, dipped in special teriyaki, served with rice and steamed vegetables
  • Salmon Teriyaki Seven ounce fresh Norway salmon broiled with teriyaki sauce, served with rice and steamed vegetables
  • Tempura Five pieces shrimp or chicken served a’la tempura w/ kaki age and parsley


  • Beef & Mushrooms -
    Sautéed ribeye beef tossed with wild mushrooms and scallions
  • Mixed Vegetables -
    Sautéed Japanese vegetable blend served with udon noodles
  • Tempura Udon -
    Jumbo shrimp or chicken served a’la tempura with kakiage and parsley
  • Yakisoba -
    Soba noodles sautéed with chicken and Japanese vegetable blend

Sashimi Platter

  • One Kind of Sashimi - Your choice of fish
  • Two Kind of Sashimi - Your choice of fish
  • Tuna Tataki - Ahi or White tuna / fish of the day / flavor of togarashi and kaiware flair of ponzu sauce Yellowtail with Jalapeno pepper with ponzu sauce and spicy mayo
  • Hamachi Jalapeno
  • Sashimi Sampler - Three kind of fish / fish of the day
  • Regular Sashimi Platter - Five kinds of fish (chef’s choice) served
    with steamed rice and miso soup
  • Yumi’s Sashimi Platter - Chef’s choice of artistically displayed, arrangement of fresh fish served with rice and miso soup

Sushi Platter

  • Chirashi Sushi - Assortment of fresh fish and vegetable served
    over a bed of rice (chef choice)
  • Regular Sushi Platter - 10 piece variety of nigiri sushi and choice
    tekka maki samon maki kappamaki

Side Dishes

  • Tako/Octopus -
    Thin sliced octopus bed of radish carrot and cucumber seasoned with sweet vinaigrette
  • Kani/Crab -
    Crab leg with garnished with fresh vegetables finished with amasu sauce
  • Ebi/Shrimp -
    Shrimp splashed with sweet vinaigrette bed of fresh vegetables
  • Hokkigai/Surf clam -
    Hand-picked surf clam generously portion fresh veggies with sweet dressing
  • Ika Sensai -
    Seasoned cuttle fish with mountain veggies with amasu sauce
  • Seaweed Salad -
    Seaweed mix with carrot, cucumber daikon radish amasu sauce
  • Steamed Rice -
    Short grain rice perfectly cooked served in bowl
  • Miso Soup -
    Fermented white soybean soup served with tofu and scallion
  • Yumi’s Salad -
    Fresh spring green mix topped with cucumber, carrot, and sesame seed. Best Salad Dressing
  • Edamame -
    Young soybean steamed and ready to eat, touch of kosher salt
  • Hamachi Kama -
    Best part of fish, grilled to perfection and served with ponzu sauce
  • Nigiri Sushi

    • Tuna – Maguro
    • Yellowtail – Hamachi
    • Salmon – Sake
    • Snapper – Tai
    • Sweet Shrimp - Ama Ebi
    • Sea Urchin – Uni
    • Flying Fish Roe – Tobiko
    • Flying Fish Roe – Wasabi Tobiko
    • Flying Fish Roe– Black Tobiko
    • Smelt Roe – Masago
    • Octopus – Tako
    • Surf Clam – Hokkigai
    • Raw Scallop – Hotategai
    • Spicy Hotate/Scallop
    • Squid – Ika
    • Fresh Water Eel – Unagi
    • Shrimp – Ebi
    • Egg Custard – Tamago
    • Mackerel – Saba
(Nigiri Sushi Continued)
  • Snow Crab – Kani
  • Albacore Tuna – Bincho
  • Flounder - Hirame
  • Stripped Sea Bass – Suzuki
  • Salmon Roe – Ikura
  • Cooked Scallop – Kaibashira
  • Snow White – Mutsu
  • Sockeye Salmon – Beni Sake
  • Big Eye Tuna – Mebachi
  • Blue Fin Tuna – Hon Maguro
  • Horse Mackerel – Aji
  • Toro – Fatty Tuna
  • Baby Yellowtail – Kampachi

Traditional Maki Sushi

  • Saki Maki - 6 pc. Salmon wrapped with seaweed
  • Tekka Maki - 6 pc. Tuna wrapped with seaweed
  • Oshinko Maki - 6 pc. Pickled dailon radish wrapped
  • Kanpyo Maki - 6 pc. Pickled sweet gourd wrapped w/ seaweed
  • Negi Toro - 6 pc. Fatty tuna mixed with scallion
  • Futo Maki - 6 pc. Takuan, Kanpyo, Cuke, Tamago, Gobo, Avo
  • Unakyu Maki - 6 pc. Fresh water eel with cucumber
  • Kappa Maki - 6 pc. Cucumber wrapped with seaweed
  • Negihama Maki - 6 pc. Yellowtail chopped with scallion
  • Avocado Maki - 6 pc. Fresh avocado wrapped with seaweed

  • (There may be a risk associated with consuming food raw)

Specialty Rolls

  • Crunchy Spicy Tuna**
    8 pc. Spicy tuna mix, avocado, kaiware, yama gobo, wrapped with tempura flakes, unagi sauce
  • Honeymoon**
    10 pc. spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with soy paper, splash with homemade sauce
  • Tiger Maki
    8 pc. Soft-shell crab with spicy tuna, and yama gobo, cross the top salmon and eel finished with special sauce
  • 2-14 / two-fourteen / **
    10 pc. Tuna, Yellowtail, Super white, Salmon, spiced up and shrimp tempura, tobiko, wrapped with soy paper, splash of homemade sauce
  • No.9
    8 pc. Fresh vegetables with shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, topped with salmon and avocado, sweet sauce
  • Crunchy Roll
    8 pc. Shrimp tempura, vegetables, wrapped with crunchy flakes and massago, yummy yummy sauce
  • Rainbow Roll
    8 pc. Snow crab, Avocado, Cucumbers, topped with 5 kinds of fish/chefs choice
  • Red Dragon
    8 pc. Spicy Tuna mix, shrimp tempura, gobo, cross top tuna, eel, avocado, finished with house special sauce
  • Lobster Roll
    8 pc. Shrimp tempura, Spicy Tuna mix, wrapped with lobster salad, wasabi tobiko, avocado, finished with unagi sauce
  • New York
    8 pc. Spicy Tuna mix, fresh vegetables topped with fresh catch of Yellowfin tuna with fresh avocado
  • Mexican Roll**
    10 pc. Cilantro, avo, spicy mayo, jalapeno pepper, Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail, dazzled with Ponzu sauce and Chili oil
  • Fire Cracker
    6 pc. Cream cheese, Unagi, Avo, Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Deep Fried, Spicy mayo and Unagi Sauce
  • Dynamite
    6 pc. Salmon, Super white tuna, Yellow tail spiced with habanero pepper, chili oil sriracha sauce
  • Spider Maki
    6 pc. Deep fried soft shell crab, flying fish roe, cucumber, radish sprout, yama gobo
  • Spicy Tuna
    6 pc. Lettuce, avocado, yama gobo, spicy yellowfin tuna mix
  • Silly Maki
    Spicy dynamite, shp tempura topped with fresh avocado with variety of fish topped with tempura flakes and finished with wasabi cream sauce
  • California Roll
    8 pc. REAL Snow Crab seasoned in touch of mayo, masago, avocado, cucumbers
  • Philly Roll
    6 pc. Smoked salmon, creamed cheese, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, kaiware, yama gobo
  • Caterpiller Maki
    8 pc. Fresh water eel cucumber wrapped with avocados and finished with Unagi Sauce
  • Tonka**
    10 pc. Spicy mayo, cilantro, avocado, jalapeno, sockeye, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, white tuna, salmon, yellowtail, bed of wasabi mayo, finished with ponzu sauce and chili oil
  • Spicy Salmon
    6 pc. Chopped salmon seasoned in chili oil, garlic, sriracha sauce, fresh vegetables
  • Icee Roll**
    8 pc. shrimp tempura, dynamite, fresh vegetable, wrapped with salmon and albacaore tuna topped with salad mix
  • Nuclear Roll**
    8 pc. Dynamite mix, fresh vegetables and wrapped with wasabi tobiko, tempura flakes
  • Winter Maki
    8 pc. Salmon, tuna, hamachi, avocado, spicy mayo, massago wrapped with tempura flakes
  • Titanic Roll**
    8 pc. tuna, salmon, yellowtail wrapped with spicy tuna topped avocado salad
  • Wasabi Roll**
    8 pc. Dynamite mix, shrimp tempura, cucumber wrapped with avocado and finished with wasabi mayo
  • Double Dragon
    8 pc. Spicy tuna, snow crab topped with snow white tuna, yellowfin tuna, jalapeno pepper and sriracha sauce
  • Lollipop**
    8 pc. Shrimp tempura, spicy dynamite topped with Sockeye Salmon, snow white tuna, yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, fresh water eel, red snapper, bed of spicy mayo and finished with eel sauce.